About Us

Kestel Tours & Travel Limited is a well known Kenyan Company that provides safaris and travel-related services throughout Africa and abroad.

We are dedicated to service excellence, providing undivided attention to our clients, scrupulous attention to detail as well as uncompromising safety standards to clients needs.
We have a team of competent and experienced staff well versed in the travel trade and are there to inspire you with confidence and knowledge.

Our dedicated team ensures clients get the very best of a local or international safari and value for their money.

We specialise in :

  • Air travel and ticketing
  • Safari/tour packages
  • Hotel booking
  • Visa processing
  • ¬†Insurance

We pride ourselves in giving unique experiences and personalised services to our clients.

We are international partners with www.safaribookings.com

Our Mission

To ensure that travelling is both enjoyable and cost effective.

Our Vision

To be a leading travel company in Africa with a positive impact to the tourism industry.